Lady Gaga And Lykke Li, Tell The Difference

Twenty five year-old Swedish musician Lykke Li (full name Timotej Svensson Zachrisson) does not like being compared to Lady Gaga.

“There’s nothing about her music that touches me. I’d rather duet with Leonard Cohen. I like older music.”

She doesn’t seem like a fan of pop music at all so you’d have to assume she also wouldn’t like being compared to Lady G in the looks department. At times the two could not be more different. Gaga with her sequins and vapid pretentiousness in “Marry The Night” and Lykke Li with her arty witch mist in “I Follow Rivers.” 

They’re both into their own kinds of fashion, leather jackets, barely-visible eyebrows, black-on-pale, but what really stands out is that their facial similarities. The noses, cheekbones and eyes are nearly identical.
[Lykke: I, I follow you, deep sea POKER FACE]

[Gaga: Do you have a light or not?]

[Fine. Look at my middle finger for eternity]

8 thoughts on “Lady Gaga And Lykke Li, Tell The Difference

  1. That arrogant cunt Lykke Li is the definition of vapid pretentiousness, Gaga makes pop and disco music which is the exact opposite of pretentious. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.


  2. They both have long faces. Sort of oval-shaped,but I wouldn’t want to be compared to Lady Gaga either. Oh they say there’s a twin of us somewhere out there in the world. I don’t particularly have any desire to see my twin. So if this is Gaga’s twin, well she could have done worse. She also could’ve done better.


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