Alright Voice Judges, Time To Change Your Clothes

You may or may not have noticed that this, but for the third battle round in a row, the judges on The Voice haven’t bothered to change their clothes.

This is actually because these two-hour episodes were filmed all at one time.

The dummies at NBC didn’t bother to tell Christina Aguilera to take off her shrunken Liza Minnelli hat to at least allude to it being a different day.

I’m tired of Adam Levine in his oversized brown J-Crew abomination that looks it’s from the closet of some rustic cabin in Colorado. And Cee Lo, in a specially-made letterman jacket for Big & Tall dwarfs.

Not only am I sitting on the verge of my seat waiting for Christina’s boob to fall out, but I’m wondering how these four megastar musicians don’t die of cabin fever claustrophobia, sitting in the same room for what has to be around 14 hours.

[Nooooo, not again]

Even Chelsea Handler has the good sense to toss on two frocks every Wednesday, when she tapes of an extra episode of her talk show. (It airs Thursdays)

3 thoughts on “Alright Voice Judges, Time To Change Your Clothes

  1. What i would like to know is why Xtina and the rest of the judges on 3rd season of The Voice haven’t bothered to change outfits. Theres no way she can sit thru all of these auditions and not feel like changing clothes! Theres way more than 24 hours of show already aired and I bet tonite she will be wearing the same WHITE jacket AND the same WHITE pants! Blake will be wearing an all black suit as usual and ADAM will be in the same T-SHIRT and JEANS! At least CE-LO changes his sunglasses between two diffferent pairs of WHITE FRAMES!


  2. I’d bet this was filmed within a few hours. I once went to a taping of a half-hour show and it went pretty fast actually even with the commercials. I too get tired of the same clothes on the judges. And since I’m not a guy I’m not into the boob exposure of Christina. I want to give her a blanket or a sweater or a poncho.


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