Video: Sabi – “Wild Heart”

Britney Spears collaborator (“Drop Dead Beautiful”) and former Bangz singer Sabi has reached that crucial moment in her career that will either make or break her.

She’s about to release her first solo album and has just dropped a dubstep-infused single, “Wild Heart,” produced by the ambient English group Dream Machine. 

Sabi told MTV, “The response has been pretty good, I hope that people like my music, but I like it, so that’s all I care about. I kind of wanted to get out there and a do a little bit of the footwork and introduce myself slowly instead of ‘I’m here!’

[Am I seeing flashes of Aaliyah, Kelly Rowland and Alicia Keys, or should I just stop with the comparisons?]

3 thoughts on “Video: Sabi – “Wild Heart”

  1. Okay that this is what I’m talking about for a music video. Some abstract images. Some slow-motion shots beautifully done. Exploding ornaments. Papier-mâché hearts on fire. And actually a very nice song to listen to. I would still shave some time off the song but it was nicely done.


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