Whitney Cummings Gets Candid About The Criticism Towards Her Show

Whitney Cummings became a friend of the Howard Stern Show back in late 2008 after she gained notoriety for her Comedy Central roast jokes.

Since then she’s become the writer and producer of two shows, 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, one acclaimed, one heavily criticized.

Cummings appeared on Stern last week (I get a lot of story ideas from there because I’m a non-famous member of the wack packin a state of disarray (about the backlash towards Whitney) and honesty about her sister’s drug and alcohol addiction. When Howard expressed concern about her emotional state, the insult comic known for her tough-exterior nearly broke down in tears. 

“I wasn’t okay…all that happened and it was so crazy because the negative feedback about the show was not just about the show. It got very personal. I don’t know if that had to do with the fact that my name is on the show.”

“You can say ‘this show’s bad, this show’s bad’ but the fact that it was called ‘Whitney’ might have been why, I think the ad campaign was very aggressive, and there was kind of a backlash against that.” “It put a lot of pressure on me. The reviews were like the ‘yeah and the show the show the show and then Whitney, she looks too skinny, and she looks old.'”

“A New York Times reporter called me and said, ‘so did you sleep your way to the top?'” On the topic of her sister, who she hadn’t kept in contact with until recently, Cummings said:

“I sort of from afar knew something was really wrong. I didn’t realize the drug abuse and alcoholism was as bad as it was…a friend of hers, this angel of a girl sent me an email saying ‘your sister’s taking 10 Xanax a day [and] three bottles of wine.'”

Now, I’m not necessarily a fan of the show she stars in (though I LOVE 2 Broke Girls) but I’ve been a fan of her as an entertainer since I first saw her on the Chelsea Lately roundtable and I think what she’s going through should be considered.

Her mom just had a stroke and is completely paralyzed on the left side and her sister is recovering from something very serious. Whitney is on anti-depressants and funneling nearly all her TV money directly to her family.

[Random Note “Shabooty.com” said, ‘Let’s all feel bad for Whitney because she has a drugged out sister she barely talked to until she was rich enough to put her in rehab… WAH!’]

4 thoughts on “Whitney Cummings Gets Candid About The Criticism Towards Her Show

  1. I love her stand up, and she seems like a very easy going person. Her show on the other hand is not good, better then are you there Chelsea, that might be the worst show om the sitcom history of T.V.


  2. Whitney is on the bubble to be canceled. Official decisions are not made until May. I think in the entertainment industry you have to put on some tough skin and not take anything personally. Hollywood is a shark infested pool. You will either get eaten alive or you will survive. There have been so many actors and writers who shows have fallen. The difference is those who pick themselves up and keep going and those who quit. I don’t quite feel a lot of empathy for the show Whitney but I do wish the individual good luck.


  3. Wasn’t Whitney’s first appearance on the Stern show for their hot and funny chick contest? My feelings are similar to yours, in that I like Whitney, but not necessarily her sitcom.


    1. You’re right! I think I heard her the second time she visited the show and got confused, either that or I forgot. My brain is very swiss-cheesy.


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