I Hope You Don’t Frighten Easily, Here’s Elizabeth Banks In ‘The Hunger Games’

 I didn’t know that creepy George-Washington-with-a-vagina woman who says “PRIMROSE EVERDEEN” in The Hunger Games trailer was Elizabeth Banks until I saw interview/clip confirmation on some talk show.

I’ve been waking up screaming the words “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE” not even knowing that Elizabeth Banks, the crazy cute nympho from The 40-Year-Old Virgin, was the one giving me nightmares.

Banks, a confessed Suzanne Collins fanatic, plays (non-filthy) escort and name-drawer Effie Trinket. The character’s onscreen look was inspired by Joel Grey in Cabaret and the voice by Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame.

“There were a couple things that weren’t how I pictured it, but I’m not even sure that I pictured Effie’s hair the way Effie’s hair ultimately ended up being,” Banks told MTV“but I love everything.” 

“I had amazing collaborators, first of all, Gary Ross. Gary said, in his mind’s eye, he always imagined Effie’s face was like Joel Grey in Cabaret.”

“If you remember, he had really white skin, cracked and messed up, just kind of grotesque, because Effie’s a villain, we really wanted her to be a little villainous in that way.”

She also called THG “the greatest movie of all time” and admitted to joyful crying during filming.
[Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth + Cabaret’s “Master of Ceremonies” = Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket!]

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