Is Brittney Griner A Juwanna Mann, Or Am I Just An Asshole?

I’m not trying to incite a riot or sound like a finger-pointing antichrist but I think one of the players currently competing in the NCAA women’s basketball semi-finals is a man.

It’s just hard to get it out of my head. Like whenever I hear Mary Carillo doing tennis commentary on ESPN. I think she has the tendency to sound like she swallowed testosterone patties. Erm, anyway…

Brittney Griner is one of the few female basketball players who frequently dunks. She plays for the Baylor Bears in Texas and is exactly 6’8.” She also wears a men’s size 18 shoe, has nine-inch hands and a wingspan of over 7 feet. 

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she isn’t a man masquerading as a woman after getting booted out of the NBA for Rodman-like antics.

I’m also going to assume that the deep voice can be easily explained by her height, and that the masculine features are just a coincidence and/or genetics.
I feel really mean now. One time when I was 15, a little girl at a playground asked me if I was a boy. I blame all of my negative and bullying behavior on her. Trollop.
[Random fact: I am an asshole, but Brittney Griner could also be a man. We’ll really never know.]

5 thoughts on “Is Brittney Griner A Juwanna Mann, Or Am I Just An Asshole?

  1. Can anyone say ” Juwanna Mann.” This is a dude.If she is an inter-sex person, it’s alright. But she should inform the league and not place other female athletes in an unfair competitive advantage. She’ clearly stacking male chromosomes.


  2. That basketball player has man hands. She is so tall. But she’s definitely a woman. Not a big breasted woman but still a woman. Baylor scored big with her. I hope she gets an education and is in some dumb jock.


    1. Chuck, you is a dumb smelly stinky bitch…. who can’t spell….. I wish you took a bath and cleaned the sticky cum out of your mom’s hands/////…………….


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