They May Take Our Lives, But They Can Never Take Our BREADSTICKS!

In Touch Weekly reports that Mel Gibson gave a waiter at Madeo in West Hollywood $100 dollars to go to a separate establishment and bring back some breadsticks because they didn’t serve them on weekends. (This was on February 24)

Apparently Gibson likes sticks of delicious butter, flour and yeast nearly as much as he likes offending people. That’s the great thing about Mel, he’s an equal-opportunity discriminator. Women, blacks, gays, Jews, cops, Mayans, Russians, beavers. Everyone’s a target.

But not breadsticks. You’ll never hear him yelling “What do you think you’re looking at, SaltyBits?” at his one true edible love. (I apologize for the bad sugartits pun and Braveheart pic, couldn’t help myself)

[Be sure to check out The Frisky’s humorous list of things he may be doing with those sticks]

2 thoughts on “They May Take Our Lives, But They Can Never Take Our BREADSTICKS!

  1. It’s actually in bad taste to order food from another restaurant to the restaurant you are eating at. It is a slap to the chef and to the establishment. It’s rude in other words.


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