Four Legit Reasons To Outlaw Public Breastfeeding

Selma Blair possesses a common attitude. On the topic of feeding her son Arthur, she told People“The only time he cries is if he’s hungry, we all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.”

I know I’m going to come off sounding mean. It’s not like she has to go home just because she’s breastfeeding, she can run to the bathroom or maybe a place that is child-sanctioned, like Chuck E. Cheese or Hooters.

I like Selma Blair… Hellboy II is my favorite comic book movie for god’s sake. I even liked when she snogged a ghost in The Fog remake. Regardless, here are my problems with public breastfeeding…

1. It is natural, but so is pooping. I don’t pop a squat in the middle of the floor even though that’s also an everyday thing that every human partakes in.

2. Nudity is illegal. If I’m not allowed to whip out my knockers in public (except in San Fran) then why is it okay for women with tiny bald Benjamin Buttons latched onto their udders? Babies aren’t cute and neither are your flappy, veiny, pepperonis.

3. Breastfeeding is lewd. Facebook says so. Thousands of nursing photos have been removed from Facebook since it was founded because they violate its decency policy.

Earlier this month a Canadian woman organized an international protest where many activists held “nurse-ins” which meant breastfeeding outside local Facebook offices. (Ew)

4. Kim Kardashian thinks it’s gross too, and she’s Armenian. Kim Kardashian may be a notorious snob, but she also comes from a family of at least six and is quite close with her sister Kourtney who is pregnant with a second child.

In 2010 Kim tweeted, “EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup.” I agree, super-selfish-lady-who-wants-to-eat-in-peace.

7 thoughts on “Four Legit Reasons To Outlaw Public Breastfeeding

  1. every single one of you is an ignorant immature being. 1. look at the laws on public breastfeeding you will find it’s perfectly legal in almost all the states and is actually encouraged. 2. if you don’t like it DON”T LOOK! you don’t have to watch someone nursing in public and if you do then whatever be a perv it’s not going to stop them from feeding their child. 3. Yeah it’s possible to try and find somewhere not public but the baby doesn’t know this. when it’s hungry its hungry and a mother isn’t going to put your immature attitude before her child.and 4, really your going to compare shitting in public to feeding an infant so it can survive enough said. Your all fucking stupid.


  2. Why should babies have to eat their meal in the bathroom?? I dont see you packing up your lunch and taking it into the bathroom to eat it. How unsanitary and disgusting is that?


      1. Breastfeeding is a necessity for a baby’s survival. Women that choose to breastfeed should be left alone. There are many hurdles that are faced while even starting to breastfeed. Its not the easiest thing ever to feed your baby. Plus, it fucking hurts A LOT at first. We have to grow the baby, birth the baby, feed the baby, take care of the baby, then on top of that, lose baby weight (Which is a huge help if you breastfeed because it speeds up weight loss.) Women already go through so much as mothers and we are human too. We need to get out of the house for our sanity! I am discrete when I feed my 5 month old son in public and make sure i’m not too exposed. I do this by wearing appropriate clothing and i wear a breastfeeding bra that covers the top exposed breast. Not to mention my sons head covers my breast. I find using the coverups hard because i can’t monitor how much he’s had or if he’s choking and needs to cough or for the simple fact that its hard to breath under blankets in the first place. What people tend to forget is that its how we all became to be in the world. Feeding off the boob. and hate to break it to you, i’m sure your dick has been whipped out to feed if you were bottle of breast fed. I’m sorry but you don’t have a solid argument here. Your opinion means shit to mothers that need to TAKE CARE OF THEIR BABIES and you need to realize that. just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you’re right. I will do whatever it takes to feed my son because i love him and thats what he needs. I can’t believe this word to day can discriminate against little babies. SHAME ON YOU!


  3. If my mom had Selma’s boobs, I would still be breast feeding, I don’t care if it was at MckeeDees aNYwhere, i would get some cream pies….


  4. Mom’s shouldn’t even want to do it out in the open and you know why? PERVS. They is watching. I know… I am one of them. And I secretly wank when they whip their milk sacks out. So mom’s… Don’t make your body and your babies feeding a public display for pervs.


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