Punk’d Is Back, Minus The Excitement

In other semi Ashton Kutcher-related news Punk’d is back after a five year absence and it’s boring as hell. I don’t know why they use the expression, “boring as hell,” the harps and clouds description of heaven seems a little tamer and possibly snoozeworthy.

Back on topic, Kutcher is still attached as a producer but its co-creator Jason Goldberg was actually in Thursday’s episode. Justin Bieber was the guest pranker, pulling the wool over Taylor Swift, Miley Cryus, Rob Dyrdek and Sean Kingston’s eyes.

The most memorable but still uninteresting trick was when Taylor Swift was made to think she’d lit a boat on fire. The Bieb’s got his evil wish to see her I-just-won-a-Grammy face and make her cry.

If anyone saw Yogi’s First Christmas, you”ll know what I’m talking when I compare Justin to Snively, an evil child whose goal is to maliciously cause chaos and ruin everybody’s good time.

The show (watch HERE) also seemed like it was pandering to his fans and his ego. A platform to appear badass in front of people like Miley Cyrus.

Goldberg told Collider.com that “The magic of the show is that you really get to see people’s true colors and who they really are.”

…The interesting thing about the new Punk’d is that now you can see two sets of true colors. That of the hosts, and the punkees, which will both change weekly. I just hope the phrase “It gets better” applies to revived MTV shows too.

Heather Morris, Kellan Lutz, Bam Margera, The Wanted, Khloe Kardashian, Nick Cannon, Hayden Panettiere, Dax Shepard, Liam Hemsworth, Demi Lovato and Tyler, The Creator are all scheduled to appear in season nine.

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