Spears And Lohan Face-Morph Videos

A YouTube user has made two videos chronicling Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan from their childhood years to now.

Seeing someone age before your eyes is never fun (the AgingBooth app scares the scheisse out of me) but it’s especially terrifying with these two.

Britney, from “…Baby One More Time” to her 24-hour friendship with Paris Hilton and two-year marriage to Kevin Federline.

It’s still painful seeing these events all at once, especially the bald incident and Dollar Tree weave.

Lindsay’s is actually worse. “25 Years In 60 Seconds” is enough to put a few extra creases in my forehead. It’s as though Louisiana-born Britney always had that hillbilly gene and propensity to be tan and sausage-y.

Lohan is New York-born ginger. I attribute her general aesthetic worn-outness to the fact that she’s always trying to hide who she is. Look what happened to Michael Jackson, adorable African-American turned pointy white woman.

Freckles were never meant to be spray-tanned and injected with botox.
[Random fact: VJ4rawr also has a video of Lady Gaga called “50 Crazy Looks In 60 Seconds.”]

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