J-Lo Bought Her Son A Hot Wheels Truck

Jennifer Lopez bought her 25 year-old son boyfriend a customized Dodge Ram truck for his birthday on Friday.

People like to put emphasis on Jennifer’s age (she’s 42) and say they’re together cause he wants money and she wants to feel young, but it’s unnecessary.

I don’t criticize the age difference, I criticize her general taste in men, and this is a step down from everybody. Casper Smart might as well be Kevin Federline or former J-Lo hubby Cris Judd.

All these pop-star women have despicable taste in men. Nearly all Gaga songs are inspired by Luc Carl and he’s a five at best. A middle-aged dwarf with a hairlip could pick him up in a flash. Then there’s Cristina Aguilera, Ke$ha and Katy Perry. Enough said.

Smart drove the third biggest butt in the industry to dinner in West Hollywood after he got his present. A source told People,“Casper was so excited about his new truck that he decided to drive it to dinner, she was smiling about Casper’s excitement.”

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