Learning To Smile – With Your Host, Tyra Banks

I wish I could say that Tyra Banks taught me how to smile and “smize,” her trademark word for smiling with your eyes, but I’m a lost cause. You’d think after watching every single season of ANTM I’d have learned something. 

I witnessed a lot of arguing skeletons, fainting, the yearly case of heat stroke, hairline expansion and All-Star music videos but I never perfected my runway walk or my smiling. Probably because I hate smiling. #CynicalShyGirlProblems

Tyra posted the above photo on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, depicting the different types: flirty, surprise, eyes only, catalog, commercial and without eyes. She added the message “U better B practicin’ urs.”
Alright, ridiculously positive supermodel, I won’t. But hopefully others will, and they will audition for my favorite CW show. Non-vicious circle. Which of these facial poses can YOU do? Any?

[THEME SONGS: Learning How To Smile by Everclear & Flash A Hungry Smile by Mystery Jets]

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