The Two Most Irritating Alarm Clocks Ever

We all have our alarm clock memories, getting up for school, ignoring the constant beeping reminder piercing your ear like tiny bullets. And what is the best alarm clock, if you had to choose between the many evils?

Digital, cell phone, ipod dock/CD combo, retro bell clock, rooster, crazy hobo in a dumpster outside your window? I have the two worst evils, worse than that talking flower from Sister Act. First there’s the Ramos clock which comes in 12 hardwood designs and encourages forces you out of bed to a Defuse Panel (that snazzy frame with the buttons) where you’ll have to enter a code.

Creator Paul Summut says this process will wake up your brain and have you leaving your bed, as the panel can be set in another room like the bathroom or kitchen. Made with Soviet hardware, Ramos more than met its Kickstarter goal of $75,0000 and will be available later this year.

The second clock, Tocky by Nana Home, is a little more humorous in that I-want-to-put-icepicks-in-my-lungs kind of way. Like its cousin the Clocky, Tocky rolls off your nightstand upon ringing. It also records customized messages and plays mp3s.
I can only imagine this clock trying to roll out of the room…daunting you while it bumps repetitively into the wall or under a desk, all the while blasting Lana Del Rey or Gotye. For $58 dollars, I’d try it, if I needed to wake up for something.

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