Look How Cute George Takei Is

Like all good nerdy liberals, I LOVE George Takei. Not in a molester way, I just wish he was my grandfather (Clint too) I mean how badass would it be if I was related to Sulu?

He’d probably give the best birthday presents too, and hopefully a realistic limited edition model of the Enterprise for graduation. Speaking of birthdays, that day just arrived for George yesterday, on April 20th. It was his 75th.

Today Robert Smith and Iggy Pop’s celebrated their special days but I’m much more interested in Mr. Takei. Look at this picture of him in Toronto celebrating. Ugh, I just want to abduct [insert beam joke here] him. 

If you have any sense at all you’ll follow him on Facebook and Twitter if you want to laugh at meme, humorous visual political commentary and more.

He’s the perfect example of a celebrity who, like Betty White, is living life to their fullest and staying relevant by using social media to communicate with fans.

He even took the time to post a special message that brings awareness to a new musical called Allegiance that focuses on the 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry that were put in internment camps in 1942.

Think about that for a second and then for relief go to his Facebook and look at pictures of unicorns wiping their butts.

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