Metta World’s Unpeaceful Elbow To The Head

Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) was suspended for 7 games after his brutal hit to Oklahoma Thunder’s James Harden. In a statement to reporters after the game last on Sunday, April 22 where he apologized profusely.

“I got real emotional and excited, and it was unfortunate that James had to get hit with the unintentional elbow. I hope he’s okay. Oklahoma, they’re playing for a championship this year. I apologize to the Thunder and James Harden. It was just unfortunate.”

The regretful words over the suspension, chest-beating and elbow to Harden’s head continued for the duration of the week so far with World Peace writing on his website, 

“I apologize to the Oklahoma City Thunder fans and the OKC organization. I look foward to getting back on the floor with my teammates and competing for the Lakers fans.”

He also wrote that he watched the replay, admitting that it looked “bad.” Solid 6th Man Of The Year candidate James Harden is going to be fine. He suffered a concussion but is “feeling good” according to his Twitter.

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