Powell’s Hipsters Go Nuts Over ‘Twilight’ Cupcake

Powell’s is one of the largest independent bookstores in the world. Largest in terms of sales and physical size. The headquarters, which has been around since 1971, felt like a paper zoo when I was younger.

On Tuesday they Facebook-shared the above photo, a gorgeous assortment of literary cupcakes. Titles like Wuthering Heights, The Hobbit, A Tale Of Two Cities, The Great Gatsby, and Twilight. 

The elaborate desserts were made by Victoria’s Kitchen. But see, here’s what I hate about Portland, a city in a state that I normally cannot praise enough…People perpetuating the Portlandia stereotype.

After the “Dream Of The 90s” intro what’s left to love? I have a friend who actually wrote “Drinking kombucha and watching a documentary” as her Facebook status today. Maybe I’m just as bad for commenting on it, but JESUS CHRIST.

You can only imagine what the comments for this picture were like. 10% praise and 90% criticism that Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight was placed smack in the middle of the other books.

This really isn’t even a Portland thing, there are pretentious hipsters everywhere. And it’s not that I think Edward and Bella compare to Catherine and Heathcliff, but this is about the food, the damn cupcakes! The delicate care that was taken in their creation.

These are significant bestselling titles, and yeah Harry Potter is missing but she hardly had time to appease every book lover in existence. Here’s a short list of annoying comments by Oregonians…

“I could make those for Powell’s…with better literature! I’m a pastry chef with a BA in English Lit, so these are right up my alley!” 
-Erica Thorne

“Twilight cupcakes go to the family dog.”
-Daniel Lucy

“Not too happy they mixed in Twilight books with some genuinely amazing literature, but even those look delectable so…”
-Kiara Lewis

Twilight” is a bunch of sexist bullshit. Don’t feed that to your teen daughters.”
-Lauren Perry


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