Who Has What It Takes To Win ‘The Voice?’

I became obsessed with The Voice last season, when the show was in its beta phase. When they didn’t anticipate enough rejections in the blind auditions, and cast members had to re-audition to fill spots.

The show is still flawed, battle rounds pit too good of foes against one another, causing people who might have won to go home early. Angie Johnson versus recently axed Cheesa was one of those times.

But, I’m still watching, sad that I missed out on Cee-Lo’s fart. Sad about the elimination of Jesse Campbell over teary-eyed Lindsey Paveo on Team Christina and sad about the terrible stage frills. (They might hire Andy Samberg as “Tightrope Guy.”)

HAPPY that James Massone’s greasy letterman-jacket wearing arse and giant flapjack ears have hit the road. And who is left? Two to each team, Cee-Lo with the most promise…

He has the two “rockers” Juliet Simms and HIV-positive Jamar Rogers. Simms’ cover of “Roxanne” was enough to have me thinking she can win.

Christina Aguilera, who is looking less sausage-y by the minute, has Lindsey, still one of my favorites but I doubt she can withstand the pressure. Plus, opera singer Chris Mann, almost a bigger waste of time than that MC.

Adam ramble Levine’s coaches Katrina Parker. The further The Voice progresses the more the stylists want to trick you into thinking she’s Adele. First a sly headband, then a plain dress, a familiar hand gesture…Next it’ll be light brown hair.

There’s also Tony Lucca, the former member of the Mickey Mouse Club who did not win me over despite the Britney pheromones in “…Baby One More Time.”

Blake Shelton has the third best chance of a winner, with Alicia Keys backup singer Jermaine Paul. Erin Willett will be voted off for her appearance, even though her father died during the competition.
Who do I pick to win? Well I WANT Juliet to win but I cannot predict what these crazy voters are up to. Jermaine maybe? Lindsey? Jamar?

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