Taylor Kitsch’s Career Still Rolling After ‘John Carter’

You may have thought Taylor Kitsch‘s career was over after his first big break, Disney’s sci-fi adventure John Carterwent horribly wrong and the studio lost an estimated $200 million dollars.

But, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is Kitsch of box-office bummer notoriety in not one but TWO other upcoming blockbusters, Battleship and Savages.

At first, without the shoulder-length chicken grease hair, I confused him for Paul Walker. Then I wondered why Paul Walker was in Oliver Stone’s Savages with John Travolta, Blake Lively and Salma Hayek…

Upon discovering that it was in fact the fictional Friday Night Lights fullback Tim Riggins, I was equally perplexed. From what I can tell, Savages is about two rich guys who share a girlfriend (droop-mouthed Lively). When she is taken from them, they plot a retaliation.

I want to like it but Oliver Stone reminds me of Ridley Scott in that he hasn’t made a good movie in forever. Maybe that is about to change for both of them? At least in Scott’s case I hope it’s true, I’m indifferent to Oliver [over-ambitious] Stone.

Blake Lively’s okay and all but who is going to bust out the heavy artillery over losing her? I think they could cope without her. All the talk of fondling Ryan Reynolds on the Upper East Side probably gets old.

Battleship of course has no promise, and I like Kitsch and Ri “Boom” Hanna, but there are oversized Transformers in it! I don’t remember that from my Hasbro game. DEALBREAKER.

I won’t watch Anime with an unnecessary amount of robot war and I certainly won’t put up with it in the cinema unless it has to do with Star Wars, and that’s only cause I’m a sucker.

What do you think?

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