Cleveland DJ’s Advice – Screw Those Gays Straight!

GLAAD is asking that Clear Channel and Cleveland radio station WMMS suspend morning DJ Dominic Dieter for his ignorant comments. After reading an email from a listener who saw his teen daughter kissing another girl Dieter said,

“You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

First of all, who listens to the radio anymore? It is literally the worst thing ever unless it’s Howard Stern or Aisha Tyler’s Girl On Guy, which doesn’t count because it’s a podcast.

He should probably be more than just suspended from 100.7 FM’s “Rover’s Morning Glory” show.  He told a father to get a friend to have sex with his daughter, with thousands of people listening?

Straight or gay, that’s mortifying. Especially considering the assumed 30-year age difference and semi-incesty nature of it all.

Creepy jerk factor – 10 of 10.

2 thoughts on “Cleveland DJ’s Advice – Screw Those Gays Straight!

  1. This steroid fool should stick those weights in his Racist ass, racist and biggots are soo foolish…… Being A bi or Lesbian is so hard in this world…… Without fools like this dude!!


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