‘Pro Baby Maker,’ Best Or Worst Job Ever?

Virgin until age 34, Ed Houben, is killing two birds with one stone. Being a humanitarian and bedding women left and right. He offers his services free of charge to people who need what he has – sperm.

His unorthodox approach of actually having sex with the ladies he “helps” is controversial, but not illegal.

“I do it because I know how hard it is for people who desperately want a child,” he told the Telegraph in 2008. “Also going through fertility clinics can be very time-consuming and costly for them.”

Houben works through SpermaSpender.de, a site that encourages donors and couples in need to connect on their own terms. 

Today, the 42 year-old Dutch man with the 80% efficiency rate has brought 82 children into the world. And counting.

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