Chase Your Chilli Vodka With A Self-Cooling Energy Drink

Fear not self-abusers, if you were thinking about trying that new vodka made with Naga Jolokia “ghost” chillies there’s something you can cool yourself off with afterwards.

Look to West Coast Chill which boasts instantly cold beverages at the press of a button located on the bottom of the can. From the company’s website:

“Chill Can® and Micro-Cool® are a World Class technology that when the button is pushed transforms a warm beverage into a cold refreshing drink which stays colder longer than a conventional can by 30 minutes.”

Soon this could be utilized for beer, soda and any other cold camp-friendly drink you can imagine. Now back to the spicy alcohol. “100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka” is stronger than police grade pepper spray. 

Available in select American grocery stores for around $50, it’s is to die for, or at least to puke for. And grab a can of West Coast Chill for an extra three bucks. You’ll get your novelty’s worth.

I swear, I’m not getting paid a dime to tell you about this, I’m just obsessed with weird shit.

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