John Travolta’s Real Life Client List Scandal (He’s Jennifer Love Hewitt)

John Travolta is being accused of sexually harassing a male masseuse in a Beverly Hills Hotel.

The unnamed masseur is suing the actor for $2 million dollars plus damages. Here’s how he claims it went down:

1. Travolta booked the session online and picked the guy up in his Lexus.

2. Once they got to the hotel, John took off all his clothes before the massage and about an hour into it, rubbed the guy’s leg and grabbed his penis.

3. He offered to do a “reverse massage” saying “Come on dude, I’ll jerk you off.”

4. Travolta masturbated in front of him and said that “Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favours in return for sexual activity.” 

And that’s the part where you realize, if you didn’t already, that this story is COMPLETELY MADE UP. There’s just too much going on. Too many discrepancies.

The fact that he stripped, groped the guy and offered to jerk him off, started getting himself off and then spouted this crazy line about giving handjobs to “Jews?” No.

A publicist for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character in The Client List John Travolta has refuted the allegations saying they are a “complete fiction and fabrication.”

What do you think?

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