Video: Grimes – “Nightmusic” Feat. Majical Cloudz

Everything I love about indie music can be summed up in the music of Canada-native Grimes, because what major label would allow anyone this sort of freedom?

Tight electronic droplets of sound born and bred on a Macbook Pro with lispy glass-breakingly high vocals. I’ve never heard anything like it. 

“Nightmusic” is the second single from one of my favorite albums of 2012, Visions. Check out Claire Boucher aka Grimes’ other more accessible video for “Oblivion” and buy her album on 4AD or Amazon. 

One thought on “Video: Grimes – “Nightmusic” Feat. Majical Cloudz

  1. This chick rocks, you always tell us about the Best music know one knows thanks BFF!
    Your my genius list, that is right suri, she rocks!!


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