Video: Rita Ora – “R.I.P.” Feat. Tinie Tempah

Rita Ora is a 21 year-old  British pop sensation who caught the attention of Jay-Z, who signed her to Roc Nation in 2009. She is drawing strong comparisons to J-Lo and Rihanna, another Jay-Z managed artist.

AND she’s opening for Coldplay (good exposure) AND she’s Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend. Did I mention she’s dominating the UK charts? Oh, and “R.I.P.” was written by Drake and originally intended for Rihanna’s Loud. 

I’m into this song for the Nneka sample (“Heartbeat”) though nothing quite tops the original.

One thought on “Video: Rita Ora – “R.I.P.” Feat. Tinie Tempah

  1. My sister used her new Hitachi Magic Wand and was watching this video, mind you it was a brand new one she took it out of the box today, they she put it in her cooch and was jamming it away and started to get her period and it got all over the place this is so crazy.


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