Milla Jovovich’s Windy Bum-Flash Moment

Milla Jovovich, famous for nude scenes in movies, can add [almost] public nakedness to her resume.

The actress/model/singer/zombie-murderess was in New York filming an Avon perfume commercial when she suffered a momentary Marilyn Monroe moment circa The Seven Year Itch .

This is more modern, a little more exposure and some kind of string underwear that is barely visible instead of Marilyn’s high-waisted garment that Katy Perry would call “a long pair of shorts.”

Milla’s also got a new album coming out (she released her first, The Divine Comedy in 1994) and we can expect it in early fall plus a video in July for the single “Electric Sky” which will be available on iTunes May 19. 

Here it is, perverts. Milla’s butt while she embraces actor Carlos Casia Grande in Manhattan…
 Here’s what she said on Twitter about Avon’s fragrance, “And yes! avon’s fragrance is divine AND u hide the smell of human flesh when u wear it, so the undead can’t smell you! It’s win/win ppl! Lol!”

6 thoughts on “Milla Jovovich’s Windy Bum-Flash Moment

  1. OMG More female nudity. You can still go to your religious location and get well……
    They have deprogramming classes.


  2. I can see that the price tag is still on the dress. and to be honest her ass is not that great. And dont get me wrong I think she has a rocking body.


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