Who Makes A Better Gatsby? (The Answer Is Always Robert Redford)

2012 sees film’s third attempt to capture F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic book The Great Gatsby in motion, though if you ask me, anything’s better than that god awful book.

The first was 1974’s Gatsby starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow with a screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola, then 2000 saw the release of a TV movie with Mira Sorvino, Toby Stephens and Paul Rudd.

This year’s version (in theaters December) has Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire and is directed by none other than Baz Luhrmann who always manages to make his movies feel like a gay circus but with women in cloche hats, instead of tightrope walkers and elephants.

Watch the new trailer and decide. Who looks like a better Gatsby? Robert, Leonardo, or Toby? I’d vote Redford if they hadn’t slicked back his gorgeous hair.

I refuse to stand down when I say that The Great Gatsby is perhaps the most boring book I’ve ever read. One-ply toilet paper has better character development.

What do you think?

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