Father’s Day Is Coming, Get Him A Bearded Hat

Is your father a burn victim, a Native American, a snowboarder, or a transgendered woman? Look no further. You can buy him this beanie for face warming, or to make him feel like he’s grown his very own beard.

Beardbeanie.com states that they can be used for skiing, rock climbing, snowmobiling, hunting, backpacking, snow shoveling, snowboarding, winter hiking, ice skating, sledding, cross county skiing, ice fishing, and paragliding.

So it’s really multi-purpose, and really funny to look at. Sounds like a win win, no? They also come in multiple colors, dark brown, light brown, blonde, black, white, and even red. 

Most of them cost $40 dollars, which seems like a bit much for a hat with a crocheted beard attached. Their competitor, Beardo (both claim to be “the original”) isn’t any better.

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Is Coming, Get Him A Bearded Hat

  1. Just to clarify, we are the origional beard beanie at http://www.beardbeanie.com The guys that copied us “and there are many” may claim whatever they want, which is sad since they have to continually fabricate more stories and claims to cover their fraud. What is known as the “beard beanie” was first designed and introduced on etsy in Dec 2009 by designer and creator “Tarduff”. This strted the crocheted beard revolution with many trying and to steal her idea and design. The beard beanie is U.S. patent pending, where as the all the others are copies.


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