Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Talks Cleavage Signing, Demonstrates

Candace Bailey‘s sweet-as-pie Southern attitude combined with the willingness to do anything for good TV might make up for the recent loss of Kevin Pereira and his lightning-quick wit on Attack Of The Show.

Case and point, an interview with Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness legend Bruce Campbell.

The chainsaw-armed man dropped by AOTS, talking about Burn Notice, people naming their kids “Ash,” and the female fans.

Bailey: I hear you have lots of women coming up to you asking for autographs?
Campbell: The ladies have started to step up a little since Burn Notice has come along, and so you’ve got to manage that as a signable asset… 

Well, women have different appendages aka protrusions, as a signer, I need to accommodate that.

Bailey: Now, do they totally whip out, these protrusions?
Campbell: When a woman says, ‘Will you sign my booby,’ my first question is well, let me see it first. But what most people don’t realize, is the scientific aspect of signing a woman’s breast. The Sharpie, it’s a fickle creature.

If you don’t get proper pressure, it’ll skip. So therefore, I’m really the only one in a perfect position to apply a unified pressure. I’ll demonstrate on myself.”
Bailey: You gotta demonstrate on me, please…I’m not whipping the whole thing out, calm down.
Campbell: Normally what I would do, cause this is a family show, I would normally apply pressure at a place somewhere like that. Like exactly there…to create a pressure zone.

…I’ll even do a little ‘Ash’ there, [writes] because everyone’s like ‘put your Ash name.’ We’ll do a little ‘Stay Groovy.’

Bailey: I’m never erasing this!
Campbell: The cool thing is though, they’ll come back two hours later and it’s a tattoo. I had a guy come up and he showed me a picture, and it was the poster from Army Of Darkness.

I said, ‘that looks a little weird,’ and he goes ’cause that’s my entire back.’ I went ‘you’re full of crap.’ He took his shirt off and his whole back was the poster and so I signed it on top and then he went to get that tattooed also.

…Austin is my record, I signed eight appendages in Austin.

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