The Many Wigs Of Kim Kardashian

In episode three of Keeping Up with The Kardashians season seven titled “Everybody’s Wigging Out,” Kim predictable and calmly loses her mind [for television] because of post-traumatic divorce stress.

Khloe tells her over the phone to not dwell on it and to have fun, saying “You gotta just do some silly and outrageous, like, kooky things that will take your mind off of this kind of stuff.” 

Kim [and the producers] takes those words and translates them into ‘you should wear a bunch of crazy multicolored wigs and act like a Russian spy, a Southern Belle, and Kris Jenner.’
She took family friend Malika Haqq to The Hair Shop in Los Angeles and bought the wigs depicted here, blonde, red and black (she didn’t purchase the green, that I know of).

I gotta say, I actually preferred her in a wig to her usual Raven-haired self. It was kind of like the equivalent to a thinking cap. She even used the word “liberating.”

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