Openly Gay Comic Book Characters, Latest In ‘Astonishing X-Men’

If I was a backwoods old timey conservative I’d say that ‘the gays have been infiltrating the media for years,’ and that it’s gone beyond just movies and television.

Yes, as if Queer As Folk, Will & Grace, The L Word, Brokeback Mountain, Skins, and Modern Family weren’t enough, there are homosexuals in video games (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Witcher 2) and comic books! Get the pitchforks.

Doonesbury (in 1976), Wonder Woman (1988), The Authority (1999), Batwoman (2006) and Archie (2010) are all examples of comics with gay characters.

In 1992 as a part of Alpha Flight, the Marvel superhero Northstar came out of the closet.

He is considered the first noteworthy gay male protagonist in a comic, with Kate Kane (Batwoman) being the first lesbian. In issue #51 of Astonishing X-Men, to be published June 20, 2012, Northstar will marry his partner Kyle.

The press release encourages retailers to “host wedding parties at their stores to celebrate this joyous occasion.” This would have been a first if DC’s Batman-like Midnighter and Superman-like Apollo hadn’t got married in The Authority #29, in 2002.
The Archie character, Kevin Keller, also had an interracial marriage in 2011 and in Earth 2‘s second issue there will be a gay Green Lantern.

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