Lindsay Lohan Should’ve Played OLD Liz Taylor

The last movie Lindsay Lohan was in was 2010’s Machete. To put it nicely, she is rusty, in more ways than one.

There is now a photo of her in the role of a Lifetime (literally, the channel), as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick.

To quote Pajiba, “Lindsay Lohan looks just like what you’d expect from an actress playing Liz Taylor in a LIFETIME MOVIE” a “low-rent, store-brand, ribbon-cutting ceremony impersonator that you could rent out for $20 an event.” 70% of nearly 100,000 TMZ readers agreed that the resemblance is “nonexistent.”

Sorry LizLo, the biggest mistake was playing a YOUNG Taylor. Oh, and it’s a TV movie. Almost no one watches those unless they’re disabled or stoned.

3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Should’ve Played OLD Liz Taylor

  1. Whoever is managing her career should be shot. If Linds really wants to prove to the world she’s not a hot mess on a train wreck, she should stop trying to borrow equity from icons like Liz and Marilyn and prove her merit on her own steam. Part of me wants to take her in as foster child…


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