Clive Barker Accused Of Giving His Boyfriend HIV

Tuesday was a really odd day for celebrity news. Chris Bosh killed his masseuse (she actually collapsed while massaging him and died later in the hospital), Sheryl Crow was found to have a non-cancerous tumor, and Clive Barker gave his boyfriend HIV. Maybe.

According to a lawsuit filed by L.A. photographer David Armstrong, the man who wrote Candyman and directed/wrote Hellraiser gave him human immunodeficiency virus in 1996.

Armstrong claims they dated on and off from 1996 to 2009. Barker allegedly contracted the disease from his own cousin, and was into prescription drugs, alcohol, cocaine, meth and sex with younger (but not underage) men. 

At the end of their relationship Barker kicked him and his daughter from a previous relationship out of the house, leaving them with nothing. He is suing because he “was a partner in Barker’s business ventures” and was “promised support for life.”

I feel like this might be a made up story, but I really can’t tell. Parts of it seems embellished. If it is true, Clive Barker is inarguably fucked up. I mean, beyond just writing about sadomasochistic demons.

One thought on “Clive Barker Accused Of Giving His Boyfriend HIV

  1. I’m a huge Clive Barker fan and although this seems outrageous, I’ve heard several interviews he’s done in the past and this doesn’t seem all that out there for him.

    He has looked rather ill the last few years and everyone was speculating why – cancer from his famous smoking of cigars, throat tumors etc.

    Hope it isn’t true but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was.


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