Kanye, Courtney, Axl – Biggest Concert Divas Of 2012

Courtney Love kicked off the festivities of awkward concert behavior at the Sao Paolo Music and Arts Festival in mid November when she screamed and stripped after a fan held up a photo of Kurt Cobain.

Fast forward to December and we hear that Tyler, The Creator vandalized a soundboard and incited a riot at the legendary Roxy on Sunset Blvd though he’s not headline-worthy in my mind. 

More recently, we learn that Axl Rose and his completely unoriginal lineup of Guns N’ Roses to ban concert attendees from wearing Slash shirts.

Security for their UK tour was told by management to refuse entry to anyone wearing shirts with the former GNR guitarist on them unless they remove the items.

I’ve got my eye on you, Criminal

Kanye is the latest to stir up trouble with his fanbase. On Monday night he yelled at a person holding a laser pointer in Paris.

“You see this guy right here with the green laser? Don’t fuck up everybody’s show … it’s not a fucking game! You gonna get fucked up, kicked out, and all that shit. Chill the fuck out.” 

Whew. four f-bombs in one rant. I think these three divas should switch last names, to renew their images and confuse the people they’ve angered.

Courtney West, Axl Love, and Kanye Rose all have nice a nice ring. Fiona Apple begins touring on June 20, and I am fully prepared to add her to this list as soon as that happens.

What do you think?

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