Charlize Theron Is A Huge UFC fan, Travelled To Turkey For An Eclipse

Prometheus/Snow White and the Huntsman actress Charlize Theron‘s sit down with Conan aired Tuesday, June 5. She told him that she is “absolutely obsessed” with MMA.

“I lose my voice, I go that nuts. I get really into it. I mean, I think it’s such an incredible sport.”

“These guys are like incredible athletes and yet at the same time I wonder what it says about me that I like sweaty, hot men bleeding all over each other.”

She also described her love for astronomy and how she travelled to a special secluded spot in Turkey to see an eclipse that was interrupted by a woman singing “What’s Up” (aka “What’s Going On”) by 4 Non Blondes. 

“The day of the eclipse, you have to take a four-hour hike to get to this one spot that every website and every book told me, ‘This is where you have to watch this eclipse.'”

“It was amazing; there was only, like, three other people and it’s really quiet and this amazing thing happens right before an eclipse, it goes really quiet and then the birds go nuts and the light kinda drops.”

 “Then this woman started playing a guitar and singing that 4 Non Blondes song as the eclipse was happening – and she didn’t stop. She just kept singing that Linda Perry song over and over and over and over again.”

“A part of me died that day. Linda Perry, you’re awesome but that person just ruined it.”

Jason Reitman surprised her with the song during the filming of Young Adult (after the eclipse trek) and Theron indicated that she made a face like someone farted in the car.

3 thoughts on “Charlize Theron Is A Huge UFC fan, Travelled To Turkey For An Eclipse

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