Lindsay’s People Point Fingers, Act Like The Mob

As you may know, Lindsay Lohan got into a serious but relatively painless car accident on Friday. Her black rental Porsche was totaled after she rammed into an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway.

The truck driver, who was not intoxicated, said that Lohan’s people tried to bribe him and were hiding something in the Escalade that was trailing her Porsche (they were on the way to the set of Liz & Dick).

She says he was in the wrong and tried to cut her off. He says he was already in the right lane when the crash occurred, and that she tried to flee the scene.

Leave it to her to rumble with a gigantic dump truck in a teeny tiny sports car. Always tackling the impossible. Like SNL, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Classic case of he said, she said, we all say the notorious blonde is wrong.

4 thoughts on “Lindsay’s People Point Fingers, Act Like The Mob

  1. You are just as bad as her family the Popparazzi, the people she worked with, this exposure makes her drink. Please think about what your doing. I think maybe you should read about
    solitude instead.


  2. I have heard of people in Cali, puting their phones on vibrate and putting them in their Vag. then having people text hem while they drive. So I think that is what happened here. Smell her phone for the proof…. Red Bull…………


  3. come on we all know Lindsay Lohan DOESN’T DRINK OR PARTY ANYMORE !!! she has reformed and NOW HAS A STUNT


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