Who Put The Tequila On This Meatball? Deena Cortese Arrested For Public Intoxication

One half of  “team meatball” was arrested yesterday for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Eyewitnesses noticed Deena Cortese wobbling around the wooden planks of Seaside Heights in New Jersey in the afternoon while filming season six of her Guido-centric show.

The police watched her for several minutes, as if she were a lost monkey from the zoo (to be fair I did almost check the “Animals” category for this post), but eventually grew tired of her antics and took her in.

So who from the cast hasn’t been arrested? I’m guessing Sammi, Vinny and Jwoww. Speaking of Jwoww, she sprained her ankle just the other day, after her boyfriend and the male cast of Jersey Shore got into a bar fight.

Here’s Deena’s JS audition tape, in case you were surprised to hear that she was drunk/in handcuffs.

What do you think?

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