Thanks For The Laughs, Trader Joe’s

So, as usual, I peer into my refrigerator like it is a crystal ball of future diabetes yesterday morning and see this yogurt staring back at me and think it’s regular vanilla but am instantly confused by the banana clip art.

I scan the label one more time and see that it is in fact, Trader Joe’s “Vanana,” which is the best name for pre-op (or post?) lady parts that I never previously thought of.

Try using it in a sentence. “Whoa, my vanana is really itchy today.” Or, “Hey Sally, your vanana looks so shiny and rejuvenated, what is your secret?”

Despite the humor, it’s quite, umm, I can’t say it with a straight face. But this PRODUCT is quite tasty if not a tad too… watery. Oh dear.

At least I didn’t use “moist” instead of “watery” though I’m not above Wheel Of Fortune jokes. Go ahead and turn the letters, Vanana White?

What do you think?

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