The Trouble With Barbie And Ken…

This series, In The Doll House, was shot by Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein (the woman behind “Fallen Princesses).” It plays on the age-old idea that Barbie is Ken’s beard and they’re both unhappy as a result of his sexuality.

Remember the skit on SNL where it was revealed that Barbie was actually Skipper’s mom and her father was a Han Solo action figure? This is reminiscent of that. It’s also hilarious because, as gay as Ken looks, he was Mattel’s idea of the perfect man in the 60s.
And maybe the perfect man is gay. I can get behind that.
Random, but did you know Ken’s full name is “Ken Sean Carson?” I didn’t. Thanks Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Barbie And Ken…

  1. Oh wow very interesting. Everything was well thought out, from their facial expressions (which remind me a bit of Toy Story 3) to the positioning of their limbs to mimic the toys and adjusting the skin texture. It’s also interesting how Barbie is shown with emotional depth instead of the constant smile.


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