The Twist Is Hiring! Contributors Wanted

Okay, so “hiring” would suggest that this is a paying job and it wouldn’t be, at least not yet.

I’ve actually been trying to lure people into writing a few posts for me a week for several months now but have had no luck with Craigslist.

The Twist has grown exponentially since it’s launch in August of 2011 with over a million hits total and around 7,000 a day and upwards, at this point. I’m starting to get a little worn down, not that I’d ever stop.

If you constantly find yourself making fun of celebrities, this is the perfect job for you. Express yourself, without being a tired hag who wishes she could suck the youth out of Lady Gaga.

I also welcome people who are too afraid and nice to point fingers, who are merely interested in music, technology, gaming, sports, entertainment, humor and/or politics. That’s a lot of ground to cover.

I mean, there’s no way you’re not into at least one of those things and that you don’t secretly want to write posts for me. Here is one of my recent ads under the “writing gigs” Phoenix section (I figure there are a lot of fellow technology-cave-dwelling introverts there)…

Bonus points if you’re a ginger with cats and an Xbox addiction. Apply there or send me an email via The Twist’s contact section. I need someone who is opinionated and preferably cynical.

7 thoughts on “The Twist Is Hiring! Contributors Wanted

      1. Just thought that I could share my blog with you and your viewers. ;) Thanks for checking it out!


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