Madonna Attracts Attention With Tour Rider And ‘Turn Up The Radio’ Video Shoot

Gosh, maybe after flashing her boob in the holy city of Istanbul Madonna would want to cool it with the attention-seeking scheisse. I suppose she couldn’t help attracting an audience while filming her latest music video in Florence either. 

The leaking of her supposed tour demands wasn’t her fault (or that shocking) but it is outrageous. Her MDNA concerts require a 200 person entourage. Thirty bodyguards, a yoga master and acupuncturist, personal chefs, and an on-site dry cleaner.
In Touch Weekly also reported that she requires 20 international phone lines in her dressing room plus special drapes, fabric and precisely trimmed lilies and roses.

An “insider” reported that “She requires all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in.” Check out these photos of her hanging out with about ten Fiats worth of youths.
I’m a little afraid for Madonna’s mental health, like that she might actually commit suicide or go into hiding as soon as she starts accumulating wrinkles that she can no longer cover with shades and a heavy dusting of ivory foundation.

One thought on “Madonna Attracts Attention With Tour Rider And ‘Turn Up The Radio’ Video Shoot

  1. was expecting another kind of treatment – where its about a younger couple — and in the end, it’s actually an older couple surviving decades of a relationship — just like Madge with her fans. That’s the only time Madge magically appears to join all of them:D


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