Octomom Fights Virgin

Ok so the title is a bit misleading, but it’s way more entertaining. Nadya Suleman (why do I hate to say that name, it just doesn’t flow on your tongue, it feels like saying “sour sardine”), gets on a Virgin airline flight and is apparently ganged up on by several of the female flight attendants.

I think she is likely used to the gang thing….cough cough we’re talking about Octomom; however she is saddened by this altercation and has vowed NEVER to take a Virgin airline flight again.

Octo-mom’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, claims the evil staff made them change seats, didn’t give them complimentary drinks and were seen (get this) laughing at them! OMG!

Seriously, I’d sue! Bitches dehydrate your ass, make you exercise and laugh at your ass too?  They even kicked her out of the washroom. Aww, don’t you just feel so sorry for her.

It’s really tough being a vapid porno star whore these days. My only real question is why did she give birth to an army if she doesn’t bring them for back up? Actually I have another question, she just did a porn and she still can’t afford first class????
Sales most be really down, I’m gonna blame that on the economy or maybe Obama. Lastly, I just have to say Kim K is going to look just like this chick in say……8 years?

2 thoughts on “Octomom Fights Virgin

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  2. It is sad today when a women has to do this. She should be suing the fertility clinic because she did not want these many kids. The republicans of this country don’t want to help her, so she had no other choice. Very sad story.


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