Dr. McCarthy, MD Has Gone Back To Her Roots

Believe it or not, Jenny McCarthy is back in Playboy. I know, I know. Remember way back in 1993 when she was playmate of the year? Jesus, that was almost 20 years ago. Oh well. There’s nothing like a little plastic surgery and photoshop to combat the ravages of middle age.

This is her, what, seventh time getting naked for money? Well, I guess you go with what you know. What I don’t know how this will affect her campaign to kill children. Oh wait, I’m sorry. I mean her campaign against vaccinations.

“All I wanted to do [when I began in the industry] was work with my clothes on, and now I just hope to get them off!” she joked with E! News during a recent interview.

That sounds like a cry of desperation if I’ve ever heard one. 

“Please. PLEASE let me pose for Playboy again.” Jenny probably said to Hugh Hefner. “I don’t know,” replied Hef. “It’s been a while and I don’t know if anyone really wants to see you nude again. You don’t really have any pop-culture draw anymore. And don’t you think this might hurt your crusade against autism and make people think less of you?”

“No, no, Hef,” she would idiotically reply. “See, I don’t have any real training or education when it comes to autism and the medical field, and I’ve been rebutted countless times by real doctors and psychiatrists who find my accusations about the vaccination-autism link laughable and downright dangerous, but that won’t matter at all if I can distract everyone by flashing my tits again. It’s never failed me before.”

3 thoughts on “Dr. McCarthy, MD Has Gone Back To Her Roots

  1. She is a proud mother and spokes person, I give her praise for having the guts to show off her beautiful body.


  2. I’m too focused on wanting to learn how to do sex drugs and play videogames at the same time. Does her article teach you how?


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