Video: Maroon 5 – “One More Night’

Newly single Adam Levine has dropped a new single. Actually it’s a new VIDEO featuring Minka Kelly and he isn’t even single but I opted for the play on words, no matter how unfitting.

Musicians aren’t usually good at being actors, but they all desperately want to be dramatic so when they’re not starring in crap films like Battleship or making egomaniacal documentaries about themselves they’re channeling their theatric energy into music videos. 
See Adam, who would never be anything but the focal point of a Maroon 5 visual (brilliant marketing), as a boxer and father. Not that far-fetched as he is athletic and probably not a eunuch, but…

OH MY GOD he’s a pro boxer who loves kids? Cheap ploy but it worked, 52% of America just swooned.

2 thoughts on “Video: Maroon 5 – “One More Night’

  1. He came into Staples and asked me where the Pens where, and I told him and he said my breath smells like a donkey’s balls I chased him out of the store with them and he screamed he hated Frogs.


    1. Grow up……. This website is for Mature adults, not kids who are still being potty trained.


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