Alec Baldwin Married A Yoga Instructor

On Saturday Alec Baldwin Married his Spanish girlfriend of a year, 26-year-old yoga and dance instructor Hilaria Thomas at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York with Woody Allen, Tina Fey, and crazy Stephen and Billy Baldwin in the crowd.

It’s good that he’s with someone who I assume is centered and peaceful but apparently she can’t downward face-dog him out of  attacking photographers and calling them ‘little girls.’

He punched the one paparazzi right after obtaining his marriage license in Manhattan while he was with her. 

Her yoga bear dancer body is making him protective and his teeth gnash extra hard when he feels threatened, which is all the time. I wonder if he snuck off after his wedding to play Words With Friends?

One thought on “Alec Baldwin Married A Yoga Instructor

  1. I asked this lady who I work with who does Yoga, if she would help me and instruct me closely.
    I’m hoping she will show me all her moves and show me how to remove all my pearls.


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