Here’s Something You’ve Never Seen Before…

Kim Kardashian in a bikini. I knew it was inevitable that’d she’d someday show us what she was hiding under the nun’s habit and the turtlenecks. I was expecting her to have werewolf thigh fur or a third baby leg jutting out from her hip.

Seriously though, I’m not sure why I’m posting this except to tell you that it’s an unphotoshopped picture of Kim (she posted it to Instagram on Wednesday) and that kind of thing can be fascinating…

But only to perverts and professional photographers, or perverted photographers, which exist in droves.

I met a girl who went to school with one of the founders of Instagram. I asked her if she wanted to kill herself after hearing that he was a millionaire. She said yes, without hesitation.

5 thoughts on “Here’s Something You’ve Never Seen Before…

  1. Again as an English, teacher I must say your writing is very impressive. But I feel bad that you are wasting your talents writing about gossip and awful people like the Kardashians. It is none of my business also but I feel like your obsessed with females in general. Are you having a sexual identity crisis? You may already be a lesbian not that there is anything wrong with that, as once was said in a famous episode of Seinfeld. But you will be living a life that is much more difficult and also not one that I would want to have myself as a female. Just an observation. Please if your not then maybe I’m reading into your articles too much. Or you maybe in the closet still if so I won’t tell your dark shameful secret


    1. Before, you told me that my writing was so shitty that I needed to take a writing class. Now you say that my skills are “impressive?” Just confirming.

      And if I’m a lesbian for writing about Kim Kardashian in a bikini than everyone at Evil Beet, E! News, The Superficial, ONTD, Lainey Gossip and Amy Grindhouse, to name a few, should be waving rainbow flags at pride festivals.

      You saying that I would be “living a life that is much more difficult” sounds like a warning to stay away from the “dark side.” I think you are officially a monster and I wish you would stop writing comments on my website.


      1. I read your site because some of your articles make me laugh. I will not get in a verbal warfare with you and your imature mates. I will not respond anymore.


    2. i’M A LESBIAN! wHAT Aare you going to do bitch!
      Don’t diss on my BFF she is not, if she was who cares go stick it,
      why do you read her stuff and diss bitch! I will tell your principal if you don’t stop doing
      hate crimes.


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