Lindsay Lohan Going Bald At Restaurant Called ‘E. Baldi’

What do I say about this? A photo was taken of Lindsay Lohan‘s red hair from behind while she was at the Italian restaurant E. Baldi in Beverly Hills and there was a big ol’ chunk of it missing.

I don’t know if it fell out because she lives on Kombucha, menthols and grapefruits, or gossip-related stress (I wouldn’t know anything about that) or because the crack rocks killed her hair follicles, but SOMETHING is wrong. Lindsay may not be known for being on time, having good teeth, or remembering her lines but damn it, she’s always had hair! 

I don’t like change, why do you think I almost didn’t vote for Obama in 2008? He was all about that awful stuff. Thank god he never delivered. I can rest easy about voting for him a second time.

Next thing you know, Uma Thurman will be spotted reprising her role in Batman and Robin at The Ivy. Equally ridiculous and far-fetched.

What do you think?

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