Sage Stallone’s Death Still Shrouded In Mystery

As you may know, Sylvester Stallone’s eldest son Sage Stallone was found dead at his home in Los Angeles on Friday. What we still don’t know is the cause of death or many details at all, for that matter.

There were prescription pills in the home but as far as we know they were not on his person or next to his body. His mother, who identified the body, said she only found empty soda cans in the vicinity.

TMZ reports that he had been dead for at least three days and that he lived a very reclusive lifestyle, comparing him to Howard Hughes and calling him “a hermit.” 

His mother and the law enforcement sources cited confirm their suspicions that it was an accident, and not a suicide. An autopsy is planned within the next few days, but results will likely take at least a week.
Sage, who played Sylvester’s son onscreen in Rocky V, had a wedding planned in Vegas as early as a week from now.

One thought on “Sage Stallone’s Death Still Shrouded In Mystery

  1. I read about this today and I couldn’t believe my ears! This is truly shocking! Well, I hope Mr. Silvester Stalone gets through this in one piece. I can’t imagine the pain of outliving your own child!


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