The Best Cosplay At Comic-Con 2012

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 Comic-Con San Diego goes from July 12 to 15, 2012 and as usual, it’s full of celebrities and cosplayers. One is the lowest form of escapism, one the highest. You guess.

Here we see a ton of Batman, Captain America, Thor and Star Wars costumes plus transgendered Princess Peach and more. Can’t beat that. 


(Via Village VoiceMTVG4, Collider, ScreencrushComics Alliance &

13 thoughts on “The Best Cosplay At Comic-Con 2012

  1. Was there a few days this weekend also. Hey do you guys
    remember Attack of the Show? NOt many but us geeks know of it.
    Maybe we could get some sort of that on your page? Interviews
    reviews I know we crave it, TV Show reviews electronic reviews.


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  3. You got Nightwing wrong twice. First, you called him Kato (I’m hoping not because he’s Asian). Second, you called him Batman (last image, appearing with Catwoman and Penguin). Is he that obscure?


  4. Got a chance to go to the big Comic Con in 2010, and t was a blast. It is very expensive, so It is not something I can do every year but I really want to go again. Everyfan should, lots of people their and some are really fanatics! Be warned :)


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