Gaga Becomes Lady Gulliver In New Perfume Ad

Lady Gaga tweeted a link to the above advertisement for her perfume, “Fame,” on her new Social Networking site on Monday.

See how she kills two black ostriches with one stone? Promoting her Bowie-esque perfume AND her website at the same time? Smart woman. 

The photo was taken by NY photographer Steven Klein and conjures images of Gulliver’s BDSM Travels, with tiny men crawling all over her chest, crotch and armpits.
I like how she writes “Model: Lady Gaga,” like we don’t know who she is because of the mask? I know I thought it was short Elizabeth Berkley, except that whole part where it says “LADY GAGA.”

2 thoughts on “Gaga Becomes Lady Gulliver In New Perfume Ad

  1. Miss Gaga, is the worst roll model we have right now. I’m trying to get my school to ban her music.
    I don’t appreciate you showing her body all over all the time. Again enough naked woman.


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