Aurora Theater Gunman Asks ‘Will You Visit Me In Prison?’ On AdultFriendFinder

There are a lot of chilling things happening in the case of Colorado shooter James Holmes.

Firstly, a 22-year-old writer named Jessica Ghawi who was among the 12 that did not survive Friday’s massacre, previously lived through a mall shooting in Toronto.

Second, the Gangster Squad trailer that was shown to audiences at the Century 16 in Aurora has been pulled due its brief depiction of a mass shooting inside a movie theater.

Third, several sources have confirmed that an AdultFriendFinder profile belonging to James Eagan Holmes is authentic. It was created on July 5 with the user name “ClassicJimbo” and contains the message “Will you visit me in prison?” 

Does anyone actually believe that this guy randomly went off the deep end and accidentally wandered into the theater with four guns and ballistic armor? 

He bought the ammunition and weapons in May, June and July, his apartment was booby-trapped with wire-connected bottles AND he made a profile on an adult website to prepare for his trip to prison?

A questionable scene in ‘Gangster Squad,’ starring Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin

It was a completely meditated event and there is absolutely no justification for him ending up in some state hospital eating hash browns from a yellow tray.

I want him in an orange jump suit. Death by shiv preferable to lethal injection.

What do you think?

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